Scarab pendant inlaid with carnelian, green feldspar, and lapis lazuli from Egypt around 1890 BC © Trustees of the British Museum

BM advertising for regional touring partner

Patrick Steel, 11.01.2011
British Museum looking for regional museum to host touring exhibition on Ancient Egypt
The BM is using the MA website’s Find an object section to search for partners interested in hosting the touring exhibition Pharoah: King of Egypt.

The exhibition is already scheduled to tour five UK venues, but a sixth slot is also available from mid October 2011 to late January 2012.

The BM will meet the costs of packing, courier, and transportation, but the partner venue would be required to cover display costs, marketing and public programmes, as well as covering the objects under minimum liability arrangements within the Government Indemnity Scheme.

The deadline for proposals is Friday 4 February. A decision will be announced as promptly as possible following that date.

Sally Cross, the Museums Association’s collections coordinator, said: “It is an interesting, democratic model for the British Museum to use to reach out and find new partners, and great that the museum wants to work with a bigger range of people.

“It is a quick turn around, but we hope that museums will see the potential and have time to put themselves forward.”

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