Have your say on Collections 2030

Patrick Steel, 10.09.2018
How can collections be more empowering, relevant and dynamic?
The Museums Association (MA) has launched Collections 2030, a major new research project that seeks to understand the current state of museum collections in the UK, and – in collaboration with the sector – identify how to make the most of museum collections over the course of the next decade.

The MA has published a discussion paper and a series of research questions and is looking for responses from across the sector.

Following this consultation, a final paper with recommendations will be published.

The MA particularly welcomes institutional responses and would encourage museums to set up a meeting of relevant people within their museum or stakeholder group to discuss the questions and ideas in the discussion paper and formulate a joint response.

Respondents don’t have to work in a museum to participate. The MA welcomes submissions from freelancers, policy-makers, funders, communities, members of the public and other stakeholders. Please consider how your own experience of museums relates to the questions.

Alistair Brown, the MA’s policy officer, said: “Collections 2030 asks what our priorities should be for our collections.

“How can collections be used to empower people, be made relevant to different communities and be made more dynamic and responsive to changing expertise and knowledge?

“How can we ensure that more people from a wider range of backgrounds are able to see and use the objects that we hold, and participate in discussions and decisions about them?

“This has been a hugely exciting project, and we’ve spoken to people from across the sector to inform this discussion paper.

“Now we want to hear your views on what the next decade should mean for museum collections, so we’d really encourage you to discuss the paper with colleagues and respond online.”

The deadline for submissions is 23 November.

Links and downloads

Collections 2030: Discussion Paper (pdf)

Collections 2030: Research Questions