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MA and British Council India sign agreement

Patrick Steel, 10.09.2013
Museum studies students in India can access MA site
British Council India and the Museums Association (MA) have signed an agreement to offer free access to the MA’s online resources to museum studies students at leading universities in India.

The universities include Calcutta University, National Museum Institute in Delhi, MSU Baroda and Jiwaji University Gwalior.

As part of their course, students will have access to Museums Journal and Museum Practice, providing them with unique reference material and a chance to develop their knowledge of best practice in the UK.

The MA's head of marketing Will Adams, said: "UK museums have some of the world's best examples of good practice, and the Museums Association has a great resource detailing the latest news and practice in the UK and internationally.

"It's great that we can offer students in India access to these resources to help them in their studies."

The agreement is to come into effect shortly.


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Lucy Harland
MA Member
Director, Lucidity Media
28.11.2013, 13:04
I think this is great. There is very little support for the museum profession in India, no organising body or voice for museums. It's great that the MA is able to share its resources like this.
William Adams
MA Member
Head of Marketing, Museums Association
13.09.2013, 09:26
Thanks for the comment. This arrangement has been made with a realistic fee that covers the costs of the resources provided . I can assure you that current MA members (UK or International) are not subsidising this.
MA Member
11.09.2013, 20:25
It is great to share best practice, but it would be interesting to know the terms of the deal. Let's not forget that ordinary members and tax payer funded institutions pay the membership fees that keep the MA afloat and they have to pay to access these resources.