How do you like our new comments system?

Patrick Steel, 16.07.2012
Upload your profile picture, like and reply to comments
Here at the Museums Association we are constantly thinking of ways in which we can bring our members closer together, encourage networking, and share best practice, opinion, and the latest thoughts from you, the people who work in the museum sector.

Towards that end we have enhanced the comments system on our website to allow users to upload a profile picture, reply directly to other comments, and indicate which comments they think are the best contribution to the discussion.

Anyone can comment by simply logging into the website (if you haven’t got a username and password then you can register here for free).

Profile picture

To upload your profile picture, simply login and click on Your details in the top right corner of your screen, scroll down, and click on ‘Upload your profile picture’. This will then become your profile picture for any comments that you make.

Comments that you wish to make anonymously will not include your profile picture. You may, of course, change your picture at any time, and the comments that you have made will be updated with the new image.


You can also now use the website to subscribe or unsubscribe to our weekly newsletter, the monthly Museum Practice newsletter, communications about projects, publications and events, and automatic alerts from users who have commented on the same article as you.

To check your notifications, simply login and click on Your details in the top right corner of your screen, scroll down and click on ‘Change your details’. Under ‘Your notifications’ indicate whether you want notifications to come to your work or home email address, or not at all, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Submit new details’.

Have your say

We hope you like the new system, but please let us know what you think, and what future enhancements you would like to see to make the system more effective for your needs.


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Robert Fleming
MA Member
Curator, National Army Museum
27.09.2012, 12:18
I participated in the Twitter Ask a Curator day recently, and was struck by how much interest it generated amongst the public, but also the sharing and discussion between museum professionals - who seem to have really embraced social media and especially Twitter. I wonder whether it might be worth considering being about to link our Twitter, and/or Linkedin Accounts to our MA accounts, so when we comment on the MA website, we can have it automatically post to Twitter etc?
Patrick Steel
MA Member
Website Editor, Museums Association
01.10.2012, 10:01
Hi Robert -

Thanks very much for your messages, appreciated. Linking Twitter and LinkedIn sounds like a good idea, and definitely one for us to chew over.

We have a number of things in the pipeline already for this year, but it is certainly something to consider for the future.

In the meantime, I hope you're following us on Twitter at and part of our LinkedIn group at

Robert Fleming
MA Member
Curator, National Army Museum
27.09.2012, 12:13
I think this is a really positive step forward for sharing opinion within the sector, and also potentially for encouraging collaborative work - or at least peer suggestions related to both industry news and specific projects. Well done MA, once again, thinking about ways to increase networking, sharing and improving the sector...
Russell Dornan
MA Member
Natural History Project Co-ordinator, Horniman Museum & Gardens
26.09.2012, 17:24
Testing, 1, 2, 3...
Nicholas Sturgess
MA Member
Alex Henshaw Curator, RAF Museum Cosford
26.09.2012, 17:22
Certainly a good thing for having discussions
Jack Kirby
MA Member
Collections Interpretation Manager, Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum
16.07.2012, 23:33
Well, that seems to work :-)