David Fleming elected MA president

Patrick Steel, 10.02.2015
Maggie Appleton appointed vice president
David Fleming, the director of National Museums Liverpool, has been elected president of the board of the Museums Association (MA), unanimously agreed by the board. He takes over from David Anderson, who will remain on the board for a further three years.

Maggie Appleton, chief executive of the RAF Museum, has been appointed vice president of the MA.

Fleming said: “David Anderson has been a fantastic MA president – hardworking, committed, fair, brave, and intelligent.

“At a time when we only have the MA to speak out independently on behalf of all museums, and when our sector is under such pressure, these attributes have been of immense importance.

“David and I have worked together very closely, and we tend to see the world in the same light. I hope I can do half as good a job as him at representing museums the length and breadth of the UK.

"We have to keep our nerve, stick together, and channel our passion so that the public never for a minute doubts the importance of museums in their lives.

“In Maggie Appleton we have a great vice president to help in that, and I can promise that she and I will provide strong support to Sharon Heal and her talented team at the MA.”

Fleming and Appleton will begin their roles in April.


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Kate Kuhn
Co-ordinator, home
19.04.2015, 15:46
Congratulations David. Having listened to you at the BAFM
AGM in Swansea - you WILL make a difference!!
Also feel you will be inspiring for those of us volunteering in the museum world especially at this difficult time re cuts in budgets etc.: a new vision and outlook is needed for the future.
Hope you will be attending more meetings involving Friends and Volunteers at the coal face! GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATULATIONS: Kate Kuhn
Mike Pye
MA Member
04.03.2015, 16:11
Congratulations David I know from past experience you will do a fantastic job! However one quibble with your comment "...we only have the MA to speak out independently on behalf of all museums" No we do not we also have all the regional Federations who do a great job although I admit I am slightly biased in that I am the President elect of Yorkshire!
11.02.2015, 19:17
Wonderful news!

My congratulations to David Fleming and Maggie Appleton!
I wish them SUCCESS!

Thanks David Anderson for his fantastic and significant work for MA. I wish him success in this further position and activities.


Jonathan Gammond
MA Member
Access & Interpretation Officer, Wrexham County Borough Museum
11.02.2015, 19:09
Good choices whoever did the voting. Both individuals showed clarity of thinking and individual character and were really inspirational when I heard them speak at the Museums Association Conference in Cardiff.( and not everyone was. They even appeared interested in museums and users and you can't always take that for granted!) Someone told me once if you want something done, ask a busy person and these two are certainly busy people. Let's hope the old adage holds true.
Timothy Ambrose
MA Member
Principal, Timothy Ambrose Consulting
11.02.2015, 16:59
Many congratulations, David and Maggie. I can't think of a time in my professional career when the sector has been under such intense pressure on so many fronts. Strong leadership is vital for the Association at this time. I know that you will provide it and champion the role of museums in changing people's lives.