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Patrick Steel, 09.12.2014
What exhibitions have you been to with your #mafreeentry card?
Museums Association (MA) members can take advantage of free or discounted entry to over 900 museums with the Members Free Entry card.

What exhibitions have you been to with yours? What objects have inspired you?

Post an Instagram of an exhibition you have been to, an object that has inspired you, or a selfie with your Members Free Entry Card – include the hashtag #mafreeentry in the caption and it will appear on the MA's Tumblr page.

Feel free to tell us about the exhibition or object in the caption, or what inspires you in museums, and we will publish the best entries on the MA website.

Happy gramming!


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Neil Handley
MA Member
Curator, British Optical Association Museum
10.12.2014, 14:44
In the past I feel that the MA free entry card has often been under-promoted as a member benefit. It is perfectly possible to earn back the entire value of your membership subscription through liberal use of it (particularly in London) but I find that front-of-house staff are often unaware of the benefit. Frequently showing my card at a participating museum has necessitated an argument to obtain my free entry, sometimes involving calling up the MA website on my phone to prove my entitlement. I'm surprised - does this mean that so few members are taking advantage that ticket staff have never encountered an MA membership card before? Or perhaps the MA needs to do more to ensure that previously advertised free entry benefits are still current? I urge all museums on the free entry list to verify that their admissions desk is aware of it.
Emma Mitchinson
MA Member
Marketing & Sales Officer, Museums Association
11.12.2014, 14:26
Hi Neil. Thank you for your comment. You are quite right, Members Free Entry using the membership card is a great benefit. We are pushing the free entry benefit to members currently, encouraging them to use Instagram to post pictures of exhibitions they have been to as another way of promoting it. With regards to participating museums, we contact museums to update the Members Free Entry every year. The number of museums offering free entry has grown in the last year, so we are increasing our efforts to ensure organisations circulate the information and inform their front of house staff. We have recently sent out packs to the participating museums with something they can display at their desks to remind all front of house staff, so hopefully this will do the trick.