MA backs orphan works legislation

Patrick Steel, 09.10.2012
Members urged to write to their MPs
The Museums Association is backing government proposals to modernise copyright licensing that would provide museums with a way to more fully use orphan works and apply for an extended copyright license to digitise whole collections.

The proposals are to be debated in Parliament on Tuesday 16 October as part of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill.

Clause 59 of the Bill would provide public museums with a way to legally use orphan works in their collections, meaning millions of works could be made available to the public for the first time.

The voluntary extended collective licensing scheme would also provide a way for museums to digitise large collections without risking copyright infringement.

The National Museum Directors Council is also backing the proposal, and has produced a briefing to explain the current impact of museums' inability to more fully use orphan works, the scale of the problem and the benefits both the orphan works solution and the voluntary extended collective licensing scheme would have.

The MA is urging its members to write to their local MP to persuade them to back the proposals and, based on NMDC's work, has prepared a generic sample letter to that end. Or members can contact their local MP online via Write To Them.


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10.10.2012, 12:01
very interesting article