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Over 20 museums march at Pride in London 2018

Patrick Steel, 09.07.2018
Gallery, Library, Archive and Museum group marches with MA-sponsored banner
Over 20 of the 37 organisations that make up the Gallery, Library, Archive, and Museum group (GLAM) marched at Pride in London 2018 last weekend, under a banner sponsored by several culture organisations including the Museums Association (MA).

Staff from organisations including the V&A, Bolton Museum, the Jewish Museum and Kew Gardens came together under the GLAM banner, making this year the largest gathering to date.

“We came together not only to represent gallery, library, archive and museum staff members within the LGBTQ+ community but to show how we, as cultural institutions and heritage sites, represent LGBTQ+ lives throughout history. We are here to prove that LGBTQ+ history is as old as human history,” says George Benson, an exhibitions assistant at the V&A. “The response from the crowd to our group was phenomenal, with many whoops and whistles at the sight of our institution logos writ large in rainbow colours.

“Our thanks go to the MA for sponsoring our group for the third year running. We are so proud to be supported by the MA and so grateful that our partnership means we can march at Pride. Once we get all the glitter out of our hair we’ll just about be ready for next year!”

Jess Turtle, the MA's inclusion manager, Transformers, says: "The MA is delighted to have once again supported colleagues and friends to march at Pride London. 

"Sadly in 2018 we continue to see hatred, confusion and intolerance towards LGBTQ+ people and in particular towards the transgender community. The GLAM group is a visible and joyous reminder that galleries, libraries, archives and museums are proud to represent and value all LGBTQ+ lives."

Pride in London is one of a number of Pride marches taking place across the UK this year, with events in Liverpool, Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast scheduled this summer, which will be attended representatives from museums in those areas.


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Alun Jones
Education Administrator, National Museum Wales/ Amgueddfa Cymru
12.07.2018, 14:45
I really hope that the glitter you used was biodegradable!