Engaging with Experience project at the National Museum of Flight in East Lothian

Museums can “play a key part” in Scotland’s cultural infrastructure

Patrick Steel, 09.01.2018
MA calls for Culture Strategy to ensure museums increase impact in meeting government priorities
The Museums Association (MA) is calling for museums to “play a key part” in Scotland’s cultural infrastructure.

In a response to the Scottish government’s Cultural Strategy consultation, Alistair Brown, the MA’s policy officer, writes: “The Culture Strategy should make it easier for museums to improve learning, educational attainment and health and wellbeing. Cultural partnerships with schools, colleges, the NHS and charities should be supported by government and local authorities.

“A nationwide programme that creates a hub system to support learning and capacity across a large number of cultural organisations could radically increase the number of museums involved in such partnerships.”

Examples of such partnerships are detailed in the response, including The National Museum of Flight's Engaging with Experience programme, which sees experienced engineers sharing practical, hands-on skills with secondary school children.

The response also notes a synergy between the Culture Strategy and the forthcoming Museum Strategy being developed by Museums Galleries Scotland, and suggests distribution of public resources should follow the priorities identified in these strategies.

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Scottish Culture Strategy response (word)