Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

Cuts discussed at north-west members meeting

Patrick Steel, 08.04.2015
Fleming: MA will continue Museums Change Lives agenda
The Museums Association (MA) held its north-west members meeting at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester last week, which saw David Anderson make his outgoing address as MA president, and David Fleming his incoming address.

Attendees heard Sharon Heal, the MA’s director, talk about the review of the Code of Ethics, and the MA’s policy officer Alistair Brown discuss Museums Change Lives, while the impact of cuts was also discussed.

Alistair Brown, the MA’s policy officer, said: “It was an interesting meeting, and great to meet our members in the north-west.

“David Anderson warned of the impact of austerity and museum cuts, while David Fleming set out his plans to ensure the MA builds on its work under David Anderson’s presidency so the MA will be well-placed to stand up for museums and continue the Museums Change Lives agenda.”