MA updates its nations policy

Patrick Steel, 07.07.2015
Policy document sets out relationship between MA and the UK’s nations
The Museums Association (MA) has updated its policy document, MA and the nations, outlining its policy priorities for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In particular, the MA aims to continue to develop strong networks in each nation, lead the sector in understanding the legal and political difference between the four nations, and ensure that staff, board members and MA reps are sensitive to the issues in each nation.

The policy states that the MA will advocate for the equitable distribution of resources from both national and UK governments and agencies to meet public need across the UK, as well as delivering MA services and products to members across all four nations.

Sharon Heal, the MA’s director, said: "The MA has been on a journey to understand the devolved policy context for culture in the UK and to ensure that we adapt to it.

“I want us to be connected to our members in each of the four nations and this policy provides a framework for doing that.

“Recent membership research shows that we are making progress in connecting with and understanding the different priorities in each of the four nations and I hope that this progress can be built on through this new policy.”

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