Museums 2020 debate kicks off

Geraldine Kendall, 06.06.2012
Share your thoughts on the future of museums and their impact
The Museums Association is launching a nationwide discussion on the future of museums as part of our Museums 2020 campaign to create a bold long-term vision for the sector.

Over the coming months, museums professionals from across the UK will be sharing their thoughts on the impact museums could have by the year 2020 on the MA website’s new 2020 Vision pages.

This month, Gareth Wyn Jones, chairman of Amlwych Industrial Heritage Trust in Wales, writes: “Museums as institutions could have a role in reconnecting people with their inheritance, with the biological and physical world and the constraints of human life on this planet.”

John Orna-Ornstein, head of London and national programmes at the British Museum, says: “We're going to need to listen more, be more aware, and look outside the sector more than we've done in the past. We're going to need to invest more energy in researching public impact alongside our collections research.”

The MA is inviting people working in all areas of the museum sector to get involved and add their views to the debate on our open comment board, Your 2020 Vision.

Maurice Davies, the MA’s head of policy, said: “'Museums 2020 wants to give everyone a chance to consider the future of museums and their impacts - the difference they can make to individuals, communities, society and the environment.

“I'm delighted by the thoughtful comments we've got already and encourage MA members to add their thoughts in the comments section.”

The Museums 2020 initiative aims to build on the MA’s existing work on sustainability and collections. Throughout the initiative, the MA will campaign for museums, policy-makers and funders to adopt and implement the vision.

A discussion paper is due to be published in July and the MA will run a series of workshops throughout the UK in the autumn. Further details will be published on the MA website in due course.

The Museums 2020 campaign will also be discussed at the upcoming MA members’ meeting in Glasgow on 12 June.

Take a look at our new 2020 Vision pages and share your thoughts on the future of museums.