One of the briefings will take place at Nottingham Contemporary

Arts Council England to run tax credit briefings for museums

Patrick Steel, 06.02.2018
HMRC to talk through the process for exhibitions tax relief
Museums and galleries in England considering the Museum and Gallery Exhibitions Tax Relief can attend a series of events to find out more about how they can benefit from it.

The tax relief was introduced last year and will apply from the beginning of the 2017-18 tax year. It allows museums and galleries to claim up to £80,000 for non-touring exhibitions and £100,000 if the exhibition is toured.

Arts Council England is organising nine information events across England in partnership with HMRC, at which representatives from HMRC will discuss eligibility for the relief and how to make a claim.

Events will take place throughout March in Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Coventry, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle, and Nottingham.

There is limited capacity at the events, so organisations are being asked to send only one member of staff and are advised that the person responsible for financial management should attend.

Alistair Brown, the Museums Association’s policy officer, says: "The new tax relief has the potential to be a real financial boost for museums across the UK. It will allow all museums to claim a portion of their exhibition or re-display costs back from HMRC, and in total could be worth up to £30m per year to the sector.

"The events around the country will be a great opportunity for museums to find out more about the relief and how to claim it - I'd really encourage every museum to attend the events or at least to check the new guidance to see if the relief is right for your museum."

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