From left: Dhikshana Pering, Dianna Djokey and Alex Bird

Three members elected to MA board

Geraldine Kendall Adams, 05.03.2019
Successful candidates are Dhikshana Pering, Dianna Djokey and Alex Bird
Three board members have been elected to the Museums Association’s board following last month’s ballot.

The three successful candidates are Dhikshana Pering, Dianna Djokey and Alex Bird. Pering is the young people’s producer at London Borough of Culture 2020 and has been elected to her second term on the board. She aims to focus on raising the profile of learning and engagement; improving workforce representation; and looking beyond museums to explore how other cultural and international organisations are engaging their communities. 

Dianna Djokey, independent curator and casual learning officer at the National Museum of the Royal Navy, has been elected to her first term on the board. Djokey’s priorities will be wellbeing, collaboration and co-curation, and cultural diplomacy. In her personal election statement, Djokey said: “I am passionate about developing business plans for galleries and museums and creating pathways for people who are interested in a career in the creative industries. 

Alex Bird, the museum development officer for workforce and skills at Museum Development North West, has been elected to a second term. Bird aims to represent the needs of small independent museums, ensure workforce development programmes are relevant to all professionals in the sector, and ensure the sector is prepared to face an unpredictable future and that the MA’s policies continue to evolve and remain relevant. 

The election attracted 1,080 votes from the MA's membership. The incoming board members will serve a three-year term starting 1 April. 


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05.03.2019, 13:04
Congrats to you all. I'll have to try again next time! #backstronger