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Essential Mentoring programme

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Our new Essential Mentoring programme is now open to all individual members.  

We recognise the need to build networks and share best practice across the museum workforce at this time, so we are offering one-to-one mentoring sessions to all individual members. 

These individual sessions will provide an opportunity to explore a specific field of museum practice, a current challenge or dilemma, or gain specific career insights through a conversation with a mentor. 

Our mentors have a proven track record of mentoring on our Associateship of the Museums Association (MA), or on the Mentoring for All programme. 

They have demonstrated clear museum expertise and a commitment to developing the workforce, placing them in a unique position to support the sector at this critical moment in time. 

Your single mentoring session will enable you to test your ideas and thinking, gain insights, and develop confidence to contribute effectively within your context. 

Sessions are available throughout May and June. If you are interested in taking part, contact our workforce development officer Tamsin Russell at Please include your membership number, your current role and institution (where applicable), and the areas you may need support in.