How to run a Collections 2030 discussion session

Geraldine Kendall Adams, 03.10.2018
Set up an effective forum to debate the future of collections
The Museums Association (MA) has published guidance notes for museum professionals who are interested in running a discussion session on its major new research project, Collections 2030.  

The UK-wide project seeks to identify how to make the most of museum collections over the course of the next decade. The MA has produced a discussion paper and a series of research questions and is seeking responses from across the museum sector.

Groups of museum professionals are invited to hold discussion sessions to look at the research, debate the questions and develop a collective response that can be submitted to the project.

For those interested in running a session, tips include incorporating the discussion into an existing forum, meeting or group; inviting people with a wide range of experiences and job roles to participate; ensuring everyone is familiar with the research questions in advance; and nominating a note-taker to record key points. The full guidance notes are available to download below.

The MA’s policy officer Alistair Brown said: “The response to Collections 2030 so far has been fantastic. Museums across the country are engaging with the Collections 2030 debate and really thinking about how we can make our collections empowering, relevant and dynamic.”
“The new guidance that we’re publishing today will help people to have those discussions with colleagues and provide responses the consultation. Everyone in the sector – no matter what their official role is – has a view on issues from disposal to decolonisation, so we’re looking for input and ideas from teams, departments, AMA support groups, Subject Specialist Networks, Emerging Professional Groups and more. This is a consultation for the whole sector, so we want to hear from you.”

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