Are cuts affecting you?

Patrick Steel, 03.07.2012
Cuts survey 2012
Since publication of the Museums Association's cuts survey 2012 this week, it has been widely reported in the national press, and generated much comment on social networks.

The headline figure that 22% of museums have permanently closed whole sites or parts of sites due to budget cuts, was picked up by The Independent, The Guardian, the BBC, and Press TV.

This led to some debate over whether reintroducing charges was a good or bad idea, and whether any public money at all should go to museums.

The reaction from the sector, on Twitter, meanwhile, focused on what the cuts mean for the long-term future of museums.

M.A. Howlett's view was shared by many:

As was Sarah Spurrier's warning, reflected in the results of the MA's poll:

Which led to Stuart Wilks-Heeg's reaction:

What is your view? Is your museum feeling the cuts in your area?

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