Festival of Change will see creative interventions at Manchester 2017

Festival to explore serious issues in innovative ways
The Festival of Change, which takes place at the Museums Association (MA) Annual Conference and Exhibition in Manchester, will explore serious issues through a series of creative interventions from participants in the MA’s Transformers programme.

Delegates and visitors will be able to get their nails done by award winning activist Charlie Craggs while learning more about trans issues; take the White Privilege Test with Museum Detox; visit an Escape Room themed around everything that is holding the sector back, based on participant feedback; get those niggling workplace failures off their chests and receive absolution in the Failure Confessional; and find out their future in the Battersea Arts Centre Creative Museums Fortune Teller Tent.

With interventions designed by Transformers and their friends from across the UK, the festival is designed to spark debate in imaginative, humorous and innovative ways.

Jess Turtle, the MA’s project manager – Transformers, said: “Festival of Change is an exciting development for this year’s Transformers programme and for the MA’s conference in Manchester.

“We received more than 60 fantastic proposals and we’re seeing collaborations between regions and nations to make it happen.

“The programme is testament to the creativity within the sector and shows us how the serious contemporary issues within our museums - and our lives - can be explored with imagination, thoughtfulness and a touch of humour.

“Many of the selected participants have focused on topics they are passionate about, sometimes due to lived experience.

“War, inequality and mental health all feature. We want Festival of Change to be an extension of the Transformers programme in exploring and sharing the less talked-about things in order to make real and lasting change happen.”

Full details of the festival will be included in the conference guide, available shortly. Follow the festival on Twitter at #festivalofchange and #museums2017.

The Festival of Change has been made possible by funding from Arts Council England and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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