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MA launches national and regional pages

Patrick Steel, 03.06.2014
News, events and jobs in your area
The Museums Association (MA) has launched a series of national and regional pages to bring you the latest news, reviews, features, comment, jobs and events from your area.

In the Your area section of the website, you can also find contact details for your local MA representative, and details of related organisations that may be useful to you.

You can also find discussion pages where you can have your say about the issues affecting your area. All website users can contribute to the discussion in the Your area section, simply login or register (free) for the website, and you will be able to leave your remarks.

You will also notice a new section at the foot of news stories and other articles on the website under the heading Tags, which you can click on to find other related content.

Patrick Steel, the MA’s website editor, said: “The new pages will allow users to see content tailored specifically to their area, and make it easier to navigate the issues that directly affect users and their museums.

“The national and regional discussion pages are also a chance for website users to tell us at the MA about things that are happening at their museums and in their area.

“Alongside the work of the MA’s representatives in the nations and regions, these discussion pages will play an important part in ensuring that we at the MA can be even more responsive to the needs of our members.”


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