MA's annual report sees strengthened policy

Patrick Steel, 01.10.2012
Board has given policy a fresh vigour, says president
The Museums Association's president, Vanessa Trevelyan, writing in the introduction to the MA's annual report 2011/12, reports that a review of the MA's priorities and the creation of a new business plan have led to strengthened finances and the highest ever level of membership.

Trevelyan also looks to the introduction of the MA's board as heradling a sea-change in the way that the organisation is governed: "New projects are being undertaken, and the MA is governed by a new constitution and a new twelve person board who have brought a fresh vigour to MA policy and strategy."

"These are tough times for museums in the UK, yet there is room for optimism," she adds, as museums are finding creative ways of maintaining a high quality of service, programmes such as Renaissance are still in place, despite being reduced, museum strategies have been developed and rolled out in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and, led by the MA’s discussion paper Museums 2020 there is fresh and innovative thinking on the role and function of museums.

"Perhaps the best test of an organisation or sector’s mettle is how it copes in adversity," she writes. "By that measure both the MA and the museum sector in the UK have reason to be confident."

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