Why I volunteer

Norman Wainwright, Issue 118/07, p61, 01.07.2018
Coventry Transport Museum
I am a Coventry kid and spent my working life at the city council. I see volunteering as a way of giving something back to the city that employed me for 38 years, while at the same time providing me with the chance to help visitors get the most out of their visit.

I spent my first weeks supporting front-of-house staff in the galleries, which gave me more knowledge of the museum and its exhibits and the chance to meet visitors. Later, I joined the learning team, supporting the work of the staff behind the scenes and working with families in workshops.

My most enjoyable experiences have come from training events. For one, a group of volunteers produced a pilot video tour of exhibits in the museum, which involved selecting displays, preparing story boards for scenes, writing scripts and filming.

More recently, I attended a course on audio description to enhance visits for people with sight impairment. I have subsequently been involved in writing audio descriptions for tours.

Another rewarding experience has been supporting the museum’s stand at the Classic Car and Motorcycle Show at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre, which was an excellent opportunity to promote the institution.