Outgoing Icom president Suay Aksoy

Icom president resigns

Simon Stephens, 22.06.2020
Suay Aksoy has been replaced by Alberto Garlandini
International Council of Museums (Icom) president Suay Aksoy has resigned and has been replaced by Alberto Garlandini, one of the organisation’s two vice-presidents.

In a statement on Icom’s website, Aksoy said that the motives for her resignation were given in a letter sent to the organisation’s executive board on 19 June.

“I am happy to say that I defended the same values all through my mandate in Icom: democracy, transparency, respect for diversity of opinions and different world views as well as defence of the true independent nature of an international non-governmental organisation,” wrote Aksoy. “I believe I was able to lead Icom towards a progressive path which I am confident is not easily reversible.”

Board member Terry Simioti Nyambe has replaced Garlandini as Icom vice-president.

Nyambe, former Chair of Icom Zambia, will serve alongside vice-president Laishun An until the elections in 2022.