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Will the Cultural Olympiad be good for your museum?

Rebecca Atkinson, 30.11.2011
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The Cultural Olympiad culminates next year with the London 2012 Festival.

To kick off a new monthly poll, Museums Journal asks whether the Cultural Olympiad will benefit your museum.

Results from the poll will be published in the January issue of Museums Journal.


Will the Cultural Olympiad be good for your museum?

The results from the poll will be taken on 14 December


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15.12.2011, 09:26
Although the Cultural Olympiad has prompted us to develop some great programmes and make international links, one of the problems is that the it has been trailed for so long that local politicians and the public no longer regard our plans as current or innovative. Other celebrations are now taking centre stage, such as the Diamond Jubilee. I can't see that the Cultural Olympiad will build audiences for the future. As with any major sporting event, the usual public response is to stay away from musuems in droves as families gather round their TVs to watch the live action.
02.12.2011, 11:33
There may be short-term benefit to museums, but I don't think that the long-term social benefits of the cultural dimension to previous Olympics has been demonstrated. Sure it's great to join in a party, but in the context of the really imporatant and pressing issues facing humanity, these officially-sanctioned parties increasingly have the air of bread and circuses about them.