The ACW is aiming to break down barriers that impede people's access to the arts

Arts Council of Wales launches five-year corporate plan

Jasper Hart, 26.09.2018
New plan aims to address diversity and equality in the arts
The Arts Council of Wales (ACW) has published its corporate plan for the coming five years, announcing a commitment to promoting equality in the arts and strengthening the “capability and resilience” of the sector in order to allow creative talent to thrive.

In a statement last week, the ACW’s chairman, Phil George, said: “The arts council remains committed to excellence and to supporting bold, innovative and provocative art. But we also want to reach a wider range of our fellow citizens with the transformative power of the arts.

“This is more challenging than it sounds in principle. The brutal fact remains that too many people are effectively denied the opportunity to enjoy, take part or work in the arts. If we believe that the life enhancing experiences of the arts, of imaginative expression, are crucial for a healthy and dynamic society, then they should be available to all.”

According to the corporate plan, disabled people and people from BAME backgrounds comprise just 2% and 3% respectively of the workforce in the 67 organisations receiving annual funding from the ACW. Of the organisation’s 700 board members, 17 are disabled and 12 are from a BAME community.

Nick Capaldi, the chief executive of the ACW, added: “We’ve worked hard to dispel the myth that the value and benefits that the arts bring are limited to an exclusive minority. But the evidence shows that in spite of some success, we’re still not doing enough.

“There are still too many barriers that impede people’s access to the arts. Breaking down those barriers – cultural, social or economic – will be one of our defining priorities over the duration of this plan, as well as continuing to champion excellence and encourage the best in the arts in Wales.”