David Olusoga, Mary Beard and Simon Schama (c) BBC

BBC wants museum partners for Civilisations festival

Simon Stephens, 26.07.2017
Series about the history of art to be broadcast in spring 2018
The BBC is looking for museums and galleries to take part in a festival it is planning as part of Civilisations, its forthcoming series telling the story of art.

The festival, which will run from 2-11 March 2018, will be designed to showcase ideas related to the programmes, which will be broadcast next spring on BBC Two. The series is inspired by Civilisation, a series about the history of western art, architecture and philosophy that was broadcast in 1969 and presented by art historian Kenneth Clark.

The new Civilisations series will expand the scope of the 1969 programmes to explore the visual culture of societies from around the globe. It will be presented by historians David Olusoga, Mary Beard and Simon Schama.

“If museums put on events that are inspired by Civilisations, we will galvanise all corners of the BBC to reflect those events in a number of ways,” said Stephen James-Yeoman, a digital project editor for BBC Arts. “We will have curators in studios talking about these activities and we will also have outside broadcasts at some of the events.”

Museums will be able to develop new events or link existing activities to the festival. Branding will be supplied and events will be listed on Museum Crush.

The BBC is also looking to commission a further episode of Civilisations that would be editorially shaped by the UK museum sector.

Organisations interested in taking part should email civilisations@bbc.co.uk

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Jonathan Gammond
Access , Wrexham County Borough Museum
01.08.2017, 23:30
Oi, BBC, museums are putting on events inspired by human civilisation(s) all the time!! Wake up!! Kenneth Clarke first made his name at the National Gallery, then on telly, not the other way round!!