Campaigners rally outside the council offices earlier this year

Snibston Discovery Museum to close after legal challenge fails

Rebecca Atkinson, 24.07.2015
Court dismisses campaigners' judicial review
Campaigners have lost their fight to keep the Snibston Discovery Museum in Coalville, Leicestershire, open after the Royal Courts of Justice in London dismissed a judicial review of plans to redevelop the site.

Following the judgement, Leicestershire County Council has confirmed that the museum will close on 31 July.

The council, which says it cannot afford the museum’s £900,000-a-year running costs, plans to sell the existing building to developers and create a smaller mining museum in the site’s adjoining colliery – a move that it says will save £580,000 annually.

“The county council welcomes today's judgement, which dismissed the judicial review on all grounds, ending the uncertainty for the public and staff,” a spokesman for Leicestershire County Council said.

“The council will now proceed with the closure of Snibston Discovery Museum on 31 July  in order to meet its savings target at a time of deepening financial pressure on the authority.”

The judicial review was made by Louise Hall, a volunteer at the museum, and supported by the Friends of Snibston in April.

Brian Vollar, the chairman of Friends of Snibston, said that it is seriously considering appealing the judgement.

The campaigners have called the closure “irrational” and have questioned the council’s decision-making process.

A motion to run the museum as an independent trust was turned down by the council earlier this year on the grounds that it was “financially unviable”.


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Mike Pye
MA Member
29.07.2015, 14:57
Totally agree with the comments made by the MA Member on the 24 July this was and is a politically motivated decision which I have strongly opposed myself in writing to the Leader of the CC.
MA Member
26.07.2015, 01:13
Fair play to all concerned. It is important to fight to the bitter end any proposal to stop museum provision. Every proposal must be given close and careful scrutiny, right up to the law courts if needs be, It's easy to write endless commentary and roll over with notions of 'cutting our cloth' but best not to give any budget holders soft options. In the meantime I hope sufficient funding is provided for the collections to be safeguarded until much more talented people enter politics
MA Member
24.07.2015, 20:33
This is a stupid, ill-informed, politically motivated decision that will be a huge blow to the local community, will have a dreadful negative impact on the town and flies in the face of public opinion. Rushton, Blunt and their cabinet colleagues at Leicestershre County Council should be mightily ashamed of themselves. My thoughts and best wishes are with all those affected by this shocking decision.