Isabel Lewis hosts an Occasion in 2015 © Tanz im August/HAU Hebbel am Ufer Photo: Vitali Wagner

Tate Modern launches 10-day live exhibition

Jonathan Knott, 24.03.2017
Project includes installations, performances, film, music and choreography
Tate Modern has today launched a 10-day “live exhibition” of installations, performances, film, music and choreography centred around interactive experiences.

BMW Tate Live Exhibition: Ten Days Six Nights, which runs until 2 April, will be held in the Tanks, the gallery’s underground space dedicated to performances and installations.

The exhibition is part of an ongoing performance programme in partnership with BMW, and is set to become an annual fixture. It will be free to visit during the day, with ticketed events held on six evenings.

In a statement, Tate said that “all of the artists in the exhibition are involved in creating communities or staging shared experiences, often linking natural, organic environments with new technologies and networks”.

Among the experiences on offer to visitors will be the chance to walk through a fog sculpture animated by light and sound, created by the Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya, born in 1933.

And Isabel Lewis, an artist from the Dominican Republic born in 1981, will be in residence in the lobby to the Tanks. Lewis will be hosting “occasions” that combine music, food, drink and scent, to provide an environment for dancing, discussions and invited musicians.

Other artists included in the exhibition are Americans Wu Tsang and Fred Moten. The pair will present their “sculptural performance” Gravitational Feel, which uses fabric and sound to explore the social and physical significance of touch and voice.

Achim Borchardt-Hume, the director of exhibitions at Tate Modern, said: “Our culture is always changing, and so exhibitions must change too. In our connected digital age, artists and audiences are ever more fascinated by live experiences, shared in the moment with those around them. Our new annual BMW Tate Live Exhibition reflects this shift.”

He added: “It is amazing to see and experience artists pushing the boundaries of the exhibition format."