Mima. Credit: Christian Richters

Mima to transfer from council to Teesside University

Rebecca Atkinson, 22.11.2013
Trust status rejected as "too risky"
The running of Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (mima) is to be transferred to Teesside University next year, a move that will save the local council £350,000 a year.

Middlesbrough Council outlined nearly £15m of cuts in its 2014/15 budget, which will be followed by total budget cuts of more than £67m over the next three years and more than £105m over six years. Up to 600 jobs are expected to be cut as a result.

The new partnership with Teesside University is one of several cost-saving measures. The university will take responsibility for the gallery’s day-to-day operations including finance, human resources, ICT and building maintenance.

The council will continue as the gallery’s main funder alongside Arts Council England, and will also retain ownership of mima’s art, jewellery and ceramics collection.

Kate Brindley, director of mima, said the council had looked into trust status but challenges around fundraising in the region meant this option was deemed too risky.

“The partnership with Teesside University means mima has a more secure future,” she added.  

All mima staff will transfer to the university under the terms of the partnership.

Teesside University will take on the gallery with a 99-year lease subject to regular review and has made a commitment to maintain free entry to the gallery.

Graham Henderson, Teesside University's vice-chancellor, said: “This is an exciting new partnership for the university that will help us to build on our growing reputation as an institution with a rich heritage and a commitment to assisting the cultural development of our community.

“Bringing together the university and mima will offer a new level of opportunity and experience for both parties, not only complementing and further expanding the creative expertise and experience within our school of arts and media, but also offering development opportunities across a wide range of other parts of the university.”  


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MA Member
27.11.2013, 14:04
Sorry to be a complete pedant but could you please spell Teesside properly - 2 s's - it's wrong in all but one case in this article...
Rebecca Atkinson
MA Member
Online Publications Editor, Museums Association
27.11.2013, 15:12
Hi, that's not pedantic at all, thanks for pointing it out. The spelling has now been corrected. Apologies.
Clare Gee
MA Member
Arts, Museums and Heritage Service Manager, Orkney Islands Council
27.11.2013, 18:04
Many thanks Rebecca - much appreciated. As a Teesside lass it's something I couldn't help but pick up!