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Three years for £130,000 Courtauld fraudster

Patrick Steel, 23.07.2014
Cashier Daniel Edgley admitted taking money from till
Daniel Edgley, a 38-year-old senior retail assistant at the Courtauld Gallery, London, was found to have stolen over £130,000 by pocketing the proceeds of ticket sales to the gallery.

Edgley pleaded guilty to fraud at Southwark Crown Court last week and was sentenced to three years in prison.

According to a report in The Telegraph, the court heard that Edgley would take the entry fee, cancel the transaction then present the customer with a different pair of tickets. He used the money to settle gambling debts and was only caught after another member of staff noticed his unusual behaviour.

When managers investigated they discovered that he had taken over £130,000 over the course of three years from 2010 to 2013. The court was told that he could not afford to pay the money back.

The Courtauld Gallery declined to comment.