Greer steps down as president of Brontë Society

Nicola Sullivan, 17.06.2015
Consultants have conducted a review of the society's governance structures
Bonnie Greer has resigned as president of the Brontë Society, which runs the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth, West Yorkshire, after disagreements over its future direction.

The writer, who has been president since 2011, announced her decision to step down at the society’s annual general meeting (AGM) on 6 June. It was confirmed that vice president Patsy Stoneman will act as president until a new president has been elected.

Last year Christine Went stepped down from her role as the society's chairwoman having served only 26 days of a 12-month term.  

External consultants Rowie Shaw and Sue Charteris were commissioned to carry out a review of the governance structures following a period of vigorous debate within the society.
The review’s recommendations have been presented to the AGM, but a spokeswoman for the Brontë Society and Brontë Parsonage Museum said they would not be made public at this time. 

Previous discussions have centred around concerns about governance and the need to modernise the society and bring in higher levels of professionalism and experience.

The Brontë Society said in a statement that it was building on links with the local community and other partners in Yorkshire to ensure the museum attracts diverse audiences while still catering for Brontë enthusiasts.

“The society has been moving on from the vigorous debate of the last year for some time and all parties are looking positively to the future,” it said in a statement.
The museum is finalising its programme for Brontë200 – a five-year bicentenary celebration of the 200th anniversaries of the births of the Brontë siblings.