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Renaissance coins stolen from the National Museum of Scotland

Nicola Sullivan, 15.09.2015
Second theft at the museum since 2014
Three renaissance coins have been stolen from the National Museum of Scotland.

The coins, which date from 1555, 1601 and 1604, were taken from the Scottish Galleries in the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street in Edinburgh.

A statement from Police Scotland said that officers were called to the museum on Friday 4 September after staff discovered that the coins had been removed from a display case.

In spring 2014 two oak panels from the late 15th and early 16th century were also stolen from the National Museum of Scotland. 

When asked whether the thefts would lead to increased security, a spokeswoman said in a statement that National Museums Scotland had a wide range of security measures in place, which were regularly reviewed. “We cannot discuss these arrangements in detail,” she added.

There was speculation that the theft may have occurred while staff were on strike in August. In response to this a spokeswoman said that the galleries were closed to the public during the strike. 

The seven-day walk out, which started on 24 August, was part of a long-running campaign by members of the Public and Commerical Services union to get weekend allowances for visitor operation staff reintroduced.


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Ian Liggett Riley
MA Member
Honorary Secretary, Liverpool Scottish Regimental Museum
16.09.2015, 23:09
While the theft is deplorable, is 1604, 1605 or even 1555 regarded as medieval in Scotland?
Nicola Sullivan
MA Member
Staff Writer and Researcher, Museums Association
18.09.2015, 15:31
Thanks for your comment. The National Museum of Scotland has looked into this and it's correct to use the term 'renaissance coins'. I have changed the story to reflect this.