Joseph Wright of Derby Gallery, Derby Museum and Art Gallery. Credit: Richard Tailby Photography

Derby Museums Trust loses executive director

Rebecca Atkinson, 15.01.2013
Surprise resignation of Stuart Gillis
Stuart Gillis has resigned as executive director of Derby Museums Trust just four months after it took over running three museums.

Derby Museum and Art Gallery, the Silk Mill and Pickford’s House Museum transferred to Derby Museum Trust in October under the terms of a 30-year lease that will see ownership of museum buildings and collections remain with Derby City Council.

Gillis was instrumental in setting up the new trust during his three and a half years with Derby Museums.

In a statement, he said: “I have had an incredible time with Derby Museums and am so proud of what we have achieved…I am confident that the trust will continue to build on the progress that we have made in the exciting development of Derby Museums.”

Derby’s board of trustees is due to meet this week to discuss the recruitment of a new executive director.

Peter Smith, chair of Derby Museums Trust, said: “The trust and I have greatly appreciated all of Stuart’s hard work in developing an inspiring vision for Derby Museums and helping bring the trust into being.

“This means that there is a firm foundation for us to continue to deliver our dynamic plans for the city of Derby and beyond. The board of trustees wish Stuart all the very best for the future.”


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MA Member
21.01.2013, 15:41
Isn't interesting that a few new Heads of these uber Trusts - such as Birimingham and Derby - resign after a short time. This could all be very innocent - life happens and people move on for lots of reasons - but it may be worth considering are these in fact jobs from hell with relatively poor pay and yet an expectation you should work all hours and be on call all the time. Maybe not and I am just too cynical but it will be interesting to see if any more such resignations happen in the coming months.