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Ashmolean backs independent museum

Simon Stephens, 13.09.2013
Museum created in renovated Tudor house in Worcestershire village of Broadway
A new independent museum supported by Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum has opened in the Cotswold Village of Broadway.

The Ashmolean Museum Broadway is in a Grade-II listed Tudor house that has been given on a long-term lease by its owner John Keil, a benefactor and patron of the Ashmolean. Worcestershire County Council gave £200,000 for the year-long renovation of the building.

The Ashmolean has provided 260 objects to help to tell the story of the building and the history of the surrounding area.

The museum is overseen by a trust comprising representatives from the local community, the Ashmolean, an elected council representative and other stakeholder groups. The museum employs one full-time member of staff, a house manager, who will be supported by 25 volunteers.

The museum’s business plan has an annual target of 10,000 visitors based on research into neighbouring attractions and tourism to the area. Ticket sales (entry is £6) and commercial revenue will support the museum’s running costs. The museum is open six days a week.

The museum will also hold two to three temporary exhibitions a year. The first will open in May 2014 featuring John Singer Sargent works on paper from the Ashmolean collection.

As well as loaning objects to the museum in Broadway, the Ashmolean has provided a range of other support. Its curators and conservators have worked to install and display the collections, the design department helped to develop the displays and the museum’s education and public engagement staff have advised on the Ashmolean Museum Broadway’s public programme. The Ashmolean has also provided a project manager.


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Jonathan Gammond
MA Member
Access & Interpretation Officer, Wrexham County Borough Museum
13.09.2013, 23:28
If this model doesn't succeed in Broadway, a Cotswold honeypot awash with tourists with the means and perhaps willing to pay £6 to visit a museum, then it won't work anywhere! However, it is good to experiment and good on the Ashmolean for trying something new.