MA contacts MPs to highlight value of culture

Nicola Sullivan , 10.06.2015
Museum professionals also urged to meet their local MP
The Museums Association (MA) has written to a number of newly elected MPs to ensure they understand the value and cultural importance of museums.
Alistair Brown, the MA’s policy officer, said it was particularly important to raise awareness in light of continued cuts to public funding.
The most recent round of cuts were outlined last week in chancellor George Osborne’s in-year budget review.
The MA wants to make sure that politicians are aware of the public benefit of museums, as well as their ability to deliver public policy goals and contribute to social change, as illustrated by its Museums Change Lives campaign.
“There is an even greater need to engage proactively with government with further public sector cuts coming down the line. We have made a great start raising awareness of the value and benefit of museums after the election,” Brown said.  
The MA will also meet with members of the new government over the summer, including the new secretary of state for culture, media and sport John Whittingdale and the new communities and local government secretary Greg Clark.
The MA is also urging its members to arrange a meeting with their local MP to ensure they are aware of the public benefit their organisation provides.

Museum professionals that would like advice on arranging advocacy meetings with their MP can email Alistair Brown.