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Scottish museum strategy to launch in March

Rebecca Atkinson, 10.01.2011
Focus groups test draft strategy as government announces £1m for museums in 2012/13
Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) will hold two focus groups later this month to test “the emphases, language and the level of ambition” of the draft Scottish national strategy.

The focus groups are being held in Edinburgh on 17 January and Inverness on 19 January.

A spokeswoman for MGS said: “Participation has been sought from people who have been particularly engaged with the national strategy to date and from sector individuals whose opinions reflect Scotland’s diverse sector. Feedback gained during the focus groups will be used to hone the strategy.”

MGS is responsible for implementing the strategy as part of its new role as the national development body for Scotland's museums.

The strategy will be launched in mid-March along with an outline delivery plan, with roadshows in May for museums to engage with and inform the strategy before its implementation in September.


Last month, the Scottish government confirmed £1m funding for museums in its 2012/13 draft budget.

The money includes £970,000 revenue funding and £100,000 capital funding. Scotland’s 261 Accredited museums and galleries are eligible to apply for £400,000 of the revenue funding, which is administered by MGS, with the remaining money ring-fenced for the country’s 38 Recognised Collections of national and international significance.

Culture minister Fiona Hyslop said: “Despite deep cuts in public finances imposed by the UK government, I have prioritised my budget to minimise as far as possible the impact on our cultural and heritage sector.”

However, the Scottish government has not yet announced how much money will be allocated to the National Fund for Acquisitions (NFA).

Last year the government gave £150,000 to the NFA, which represented a 25% cut as the fund had been £200,000 since 1996.

A spokeswoman for the government said funding for the NFA would be announced “in due course”.