Ride with Pride vehichles at Beckton 2015 (Image:TfL / London Transport Museum Collection

London Transport Museum to collect Pride journeys

Yosola Olorunshola, 04.07.2019
#MyJourneytoPride will capture the social experience of the parades
London Transport Museum has launched a contemporary collecting project asking people travelling to Pride and UK Black Pride events to share their journeys. 

They are asking people to use #MyJourneyToPride and tag @ltmuseum to share their thoughts, photos and videos on social media. The project aims to preserve and record the personal experiences of people travelling to the parades in 2019. 

The experiences of non-binary and transgender people are currently under-represented in the collection, so the museum is actively seeking to collect material that is more inclusive of all genders.

The stories shared will add to the collections currently held in London Transport Museum that represent LGBTQ+ experiences including banners, posters, photographs and the first ever rainbow crossing. 

“London’s transport has a part to play in bringing people together for Pride and we want to offer a space to preserve and record the thoughts, feelings and experiences of people attending parades this year,” said Ellie Miles, Documentary Curator at London Transport Museum. 

Supported by Arts Council England, the project will help capture the social side of the London Pride story, which objects on their own cannot fully convey.


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17.07.2019, 22:49
Congratulations to everyone at St Fagans for breaking the jinx on social history museums winning the Art Fund Museum of the Year award!! I was starting to think art galleries had achieved some kind of 'droit de seigneur' in the competition. It takes talent to make people stop, appreciate and engage with the everyday of yesterday.

Social history and open air museums surely embody the true spirit of museums where people are interested in the stories and not the prices and no one needs to sell their soul to the fossil fuel industry just to pay the insurance bill and cover the cost of couriering the works. The objects may be fragile but the egos aren't.

I really enjoyed my visit last Saturday as part of a delegation of museum fans from north-east Wales. And so did everyone else who was there whether zipping through the trees, exploring the changing homes of the Rhyd y Car terrace, engaging with the interactives in Gweithdy (The Workshop of Wales), chatting with the smith in the smithy, relaxing in the gardens of the castle or dreaming in the llys of Llywelyn the Great.

The cafe is good too and the national museum know I am hard to please on that front! Even the Russians in front of me in the queue were happy...

I look forward to seeing the reconstruction of the pub. I wonder if it will serve Wrexham Lager, the oldest lager recipe in the UK.

Llongyfarchiadau i bawb yn Amgueddfa Werin Cymru! Ysbryd Iorwerth Peate am byth!