Karen Bradley

DCMS adds digital to title

Simon Stephens, 04.07.2017
Name change reflects new responsbilities
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has added the word “digital” to its name making it the department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, it was announced this week.

It will still be referred to as DCMS in all communications, said Karen Bradley, the department’s secretary of state.

“DCMS celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and it is fitting now to include digital in the name,” Bradley said. “The department has taken on significant new responsibilities in recent years, so that half of its policy and delivery work now covers the digital sectors - telecommunications, data protection, internet safety, cyber skills and parts of media and the creative industries.”

DCMS originates from the Department of National Heritage, which was created in 1992 to combine a number of functions related to the arts, broadcasting, film, sport, architecture, historic sites, royal parks and tourism. This followed the Conservative election victory of the same year.

The Department of National Heritage was renamed the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in 1997, when Tony Blair was prime minister.