The Orangery, Margam Country Park. Source: From Author: Mick Lobb. Licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

Planned sale shelved following ownership claim

Rebecca Atkinson, 03.11.2014
National Museum Wales says two artworks are on loan to Neath Port Talbot Council
A proposal to sell artworks by Neath Port Talbot Council has been shelved after Amgueddfa Cymru (National Museum Wales) claimed ownership of two paintings.

The council in south Wales proposed the sale in its budget consultation for 2015-16. It wanted to “dispose of a limited number of paintings and artefacts plus Twyn yr Hydd House [a conference and wedding venue]”, which together it estimated could raise about £1m.

A spokeswoman for National Museum Wales said: “The National Museum Wales artworks on loan at [the council-managed] Margam Orangery are large portraits of King George III and Queen Charlotte by the Studio of Allan Ramsay.

“Neath Port Talbot Council is aware that these paintings are owned by National Museum Wales and are currently on loan to the orangery. We are in contact with the council and further discussions regarding this loan will take place in due course.”

A spokesman for the council said: “The proposal to sell various paintings and artefacts is part of Neath Port Talbot Council’s overall package of proposals, which have been developed in response to the unprecedented cut in the council’s budget during 2015/16.

“Before proceeding with any sale, it is essential to confirm that there are no encumbrances to the provenance concerning the disposal of any of the paintings. This is currently being done.”

The council, which needs to make savings in its budget of £19m in 2015/16, has also proposed reducing the Cefn Coed Colliery Museum’s budget by £20,000 (25%).

It says “a reduction in the budget will encourage the facility to revise opening times within its season [Easter to September]”.

The mining museum recently received a £75,000 grant from Wren to repair a building that is in danger of collapse.


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MA Member
04.12.2014, 21:26
Or in plain English, a spokesman for the council said:
" Before proceeding with any sale, we now realise we ought to check we actually own the paintings before we ship them down the road to the auction house."