Jousting events will be outsourced

Royal Armouries makes 17 redundancies

Rebecca Atkinson, Issue 111/05, p11, 03.05.2011
Steps taken to reduce spending by £3.4m
The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds has made its four-strong education team redundant as part of a review to reduce spending by £3.4m over four years.

In total, 17 roles have been axed, including all nine of the museum’s horse riders, actors and stable staff. The museum’s jousting events will now be outsourced.

A spokeswoman said a new-look education service would be introduced in September, which would come under the remit of a new visitor services department.

The museum is looking to create 19 roles, which will combine visitor service duties with delivering interpretation and education activities.

John Reeve, chairman of the Group for Education in Museums, said: “It’s grotesque but not surprising that what is core and essential one day – and highly visible in funding applications and annual reports – suddenly isn’t the next when the wind (and government) changes.”

Six posts have also been made redundant at the Royal Armouries’ Fort Nelson.

Meanwhile, the Museum of London has made 11 voluntary redundancies, including three senior curators, two collection care experts and six front-of-house staff. It will create a  senior curator role combining pre-history and Roman history.