Ed Vaizey said the PAS was helping to enrich museum collections

More finds reported to Portable Antiquities Scheme

Rebecca Atkinson, Issue 112/01, p7, 03.01.2012
But Wales forced to find own money for scheme
There was a 34% increase in the number of archaeological finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) in 2010. The number of finds recorded by the PAS in 2010 was 90,099, compared with 67,089 the previous year.

The report also revealed a 10% rise in the number of treasure finds in 2010 to 860. Culture minister Ed Vaizey said: “The PAS and Treasure Act are helping to enrich museum collections, with the most important archaeological discoveries being acquired for the nation.”

The British Museum (BM) took over the running of the PAS in April last year, but had its funding cut by 15%. As a result, the London museum said it would cut funding for the scheme in Wales from £59,000 to £6,500 from 2012.

In November, the Welsh government and BM agreed a revised deal, which will see the museum’s contribution fall from £59,000 in 2011-12 to £31,385 in 2012-13, £15,693 in 2014-15 and £6,470 in 2014-15.

The contribution from Wales will increase from £11,500 in 2011-12 to £37,885 in 2012-13, £53,578 in 2013-14 and £62,800 in 2014-15.