The House of Memories project at National Museums Liverpool

Funding news

Geraldine Kendall Adams, 01.09.2018
Social welfare
Social prescribing schemes across England have received a £4.5m investment, enabling cultural organisations to bolster connections with the health and wellbeing sector.

They enable GPs to refer patients to non-clinical local services, which can include arts, cultural and heritage activities. The aim of the schemes is to improve patients’ quality of life, health and wellbeing. They have been shown to significantly reduce demand on the NHS.

One study found that after three to four months, 80% of patients referred to a social prescribing scheme had reduced their use of A&E, outpatient appointments
and inpatient admissions.

The funding is being shared between 23 areas, with each receiving £70,000 to £300,000 to extend existing social prescribing projects or establish new ones. The schemes aim to target people who are socially isolated, affected by health inequalities or have complex health needs. The funding comes from the Department of Health and Social Care’s Health and Wellbeing Fund.

Meanwhile, the deadline for the next round of the Museums Association’s Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund is 12 September. And Museums Galleries Scotland’s Small Project Fund has its deadline on 28 September.