Barry Lord: cuts are making it hard for institutions in industrialised countries to support growth

Culture summit to address how to sustain support

Gareth Harris, Issue 112/07, p6, 01.07.2012
Thirty ministers from across globe to attend
Sustaining private and public support for the culture sector will be on the agenda in August at a meeting of more than 30 culture ministers from across the globe.

The first International Culture Summit, which is being held in Edinburgh, is a collaboration between the UK and Scottish governments, the Edinburgh International Festival and British Council.

The conference, which has Culture as an International Dialogue as its theme, will focus on three areas: how arts and culture can strengthen relationships between countries; the role of private and public backers; and future skills for the creative industries concentrating on technology.

“A conference focused on international cultural relations needs to address the current disconnect between the rapid growth of cultural institutions in the quickly developing nations and the cutbacks in countries like Britain,” said Barry Lord, co-president of culture consultancy Lord Cultural Resources.

“Such cuts are making it more difficult for the cultural institutions of the industrialised countries to play their part in supporting this remarkable growth.”

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport said  culture minister Ed Vaizey planned to attend the summit.