Coventry Transport Museum Trust has merged with Coventry Heritage and Arts Trust

Culture Coventry trust to launch in June

Gareth Harris, Issue 113/05, p7, 01.05.2013
Transport museum and Herbert to be run by trust
A new trust that will run Coventry Transport Museum and Herbert Art Gallery and Museum will launch this summer.

Culture Coventry is the result of a merger between the Coventry Transport Museum Trust and Coventry Heritage and Arts Trust.

A spokesman for Coventry City Council said: “The trust’s new chief executive, Gary Hall, currently chief executive of Coventry Transport Museum, is working with the new board of the trust on a detailed delivery plan that will see the trust launched in June and the merger completed by December.” 

Asked whether the trust would result in redundancies, he added: “The move will deliver savings of nearly £400,000 a year through streamlining management arrangements, particularly focusing on currently duplicated roles not needed in the new trust going forward.”

There are no plans to introduce admission charges at the city’s museums.