Art Fund's logo rule will be judged "case-by-case"

Gareth Harris, Issue 110/04, p9, 01.04.2010
Art Fund will discuss ways of displaying logo

The Art Fund has confirmed that its policy of displaying its logo on labels for works acquired with its support remains in force, although it will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

The move follows the Fitzwilliam Museum’s refusal to display the logo next to a 17th-century painting by Marcantonio Bassetti which it hoped to acquire last year. The decision reportedly led to the loss of an £80,000 Art Fund grant towards the £175,000 purchase, which did not go ahead.

A spokeswoman for the fund said: “We have always discussed alternative options for grant recognition in any individual case where an institution is not able to include any variation of the Art Fund logo on labels for specific curatorial or contextual reasons,” 

The use of the logo in black and white is encouraged when institutions are unable to use the coloured version added the spokeswoman. She said the public display of the Art Fund symbol helps boost membership and donations.

A Tate spokeswoman said major donors were credited on the label texts of artworks.

“When a work goes on display for the first time, the major donors are acknowledged on an additional panel, displayed for one year, alongside the artwork’s label. If requested, these acknowledgement panels include mono-colour logos.”