The Graves Gallery is one of three sites run by Museums Sheffield

Museums Sheffield to suffer 10% funding cut

Patrick Steel, Issue 113/02, p7, 01.02.2013
Service could lose £0.2m a year as city council seeks cost savings
Museums Sheffield faces cuts of £200,000 a year from April as Sheffield City Council looks to save £50m.

The service receives £2m a year from the council. It is finalising its business plan and will make an announcement this month on how it will deal with any cuts.

Kim Streets, chief executive at Museums Sheffield, said: “We are aware that Sheffield City Council has been tasked with finding significant savings in the forthcoming year and are in negotiation over a reduction to Museums Sheffield’s annual grant.

“Over the coming weeks, we’ll be working with the council to finalise plans that address the challenges ahead, while continuing to safeguard the city’s museums and galleries for the people of Sheffield.”

Isobel Bowler, Sheffield City Council’s cabinet member for culture, sport and leisure, said: “Sheffield City Council is having to cut £50m out of its budget as a result of the government’s unfair cuts to this northern city. This is on top of the £140m we have cut over the past two years.

“Faced with this situation, we have had to ask our partners to accept lower subsidies from us. We recognise that this is a challenge for all our culture and arts organisations.

“We provide significant financial support to Museums Sheffield, which runs the city’s three venues: the Millennium Galleries, Graves Gallery and Weston Park Museum.

“We appreciate the hard work that Kim Streets and the rest of the team at Museums Sheffield have undertaken to minimise the impact of reduced funding on their programmes.

"She said she recognised the challenge for Museums Sheffield and all of the cultural organisations funded by the city posed by the restricted funding environment.

“In Sheffield, we are fortunate to have exceptionally professional organisations as partners. They are truly creative and will still give Sheffielders and visitors to the city quality and enjoyable programmes.”

The council will vote on the proposals next month.

Museums Sheffield underwent a restructure last year, which led to 45 redundancies, following the loss of £800,000 Renaissance funding and a £328,000 cut in its 2011-12 budget from Sheffield City Council.


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07.02.2013, 13:01
Scary! Good Luck all round. At least Sheffield City Council appears supportive!