Glasgow Women's Library

Mixing the Colours
The Mixing the Colours project led by Glasgow Women’s Library explored women’s role in addressing sectarianism.

It involved a wide range of women from very different communities in activities including film screenings, creative writing, discussions and a conference, and produced a raft of new resources, including a film, publication and new library materials that have begun to chart the complex terrain of women and sectarianism.

“There were a huge range of positive outcomes, not least the fact that several of the women participants have gone on to have their creative writing published,” says Adele Patrick, the library’s lifelong learning and creative development manager.

The topic is a very highly charged one but we have found that using the museum, archive and library resources, looking at imaginative and creative ways to address the subject and taking care to listen to the participants and community curators that ground breaking insights and new ways of interpreting heritage can result.”

“Museums like our own are making a powerful and profound impact on people and communities each and every day. Museums Change Lives demonstrates with a spectrum of compelling, moving and inspiring evidence the critical and dynamic role museums working with people have to play in changing lives for the better and is a huge endorsement for the wide array of effectively engaged, imaginative and innovative museum teams.”