Youth panels

Setting up youth panels to advise museums and galleries is not a new concept but the idea received a big boost from Stories of the World, part of last year's Cultural Olympiad.

Museums have found that youth panels can help them attract younger, more diverse audiences, and can provide important advice on collections, marketing, outreach, conservation and lots more.

This issue of Museum Practice will look at the benefits of creating youth panels, how to set up and recruit members and what some of the pitfalls are. There are also contributions from young people who have written about their experiences of being part of youth panels.

The young ones

The rise of youth panels

Why work with youth panels?

The benefits of setting up a youth panel

Webchat: youth panels

How to set up and develop youth panels

Recruitment drive

You've decided to take the plunge and set up a youth panel – so what's the next step?

Running youth panels

Youth panels take commitment from the museum and a willingness to listen to what young people want

Top tips: youth panels

Tips on how to run a successful youth panel from London's Geffrye Museum

Legacies of Stories of the World

What impact has the youth participation project had on museums and audiences?

Handing over control

The growing influence of young people in museums is epitomised by Takeover Day

Young voices

Young people share their experiences of being part of youth panels

Your youth panel case studies

More case studies from MP readers