Rebecca Helliwell, a volunteer at Hull Museums. Credit: Yorkshire Post

Hull Museums

Rebecca Helliwell and Shane Jessop, 15.03.2012
Rebecca Helliwell

I am involved with Hull Museums as a volunteer and as a member of staff. I have a master’s in the conservation of historic objects from Lincoln University but have struggled to find work in this area.

In the meantime I have been working as a volunteer on a group of Inuit objects from the Maritime Museum's collections. This has provided an excellent opportunity for me to develop my skills as a conservator and I am grateful to have had something positive to contribute to and benefit from while I am looking for work.

For the museum, my participation means that the Inuit collection has had someone with the time and experience to conserve and stabilise it, therefore preventing further deterioration and preparing it for display.

In December, I also started work as a museum attendant. This role is part-time, which enables me to earn some money while continuing with my voluntary project.

I am enjoying being involved with the museum in a different way, and think it is important for the conservator in me to learn about the museum from a front-of-house point of view and to see how the public interact with the collections.

Shane Jessop

I have been working front-of-house at Hull Museums since August 2011. It was a career change for me but something I’d been aiming at for a number of years.

I’d been a welder and fabricator for over 12 years since leaving school. Over the years I had become interested in local history and started a part-time BA course at Hull University in local and regional history in 2008.

I was made redundant in 2008, which gave me a chance to think about what I wanted to do in the future.

I volunteered at the Arctic Corsair, part of Hull Museums service. I wanted experience of work at a visitor attraction and I was also interested in the history of the ship, which is the last surviving sidewinder deep sea trawler.

At the same time I had casual work as a driver for Hull City Council. When a vacancy came up for a front-of-house job at Hull Museums I decided to apply. I had enjoyed working as a volunteer and was hoping that I could get a job in the museums.

I now work 30 hours a week, mainly at the Streetlife Museum. I enjoy working as part of a happy professional team.

My philosophy within that team is to place the visiting public first and foremost. I am a people person and I aim for high standards in consumer satisfaction for the museum service.

As this position is a permanent one, I am keen to learn new skills and hopefully progress within the museum service.

I am also four years into my six-year degree course. I’m busy, but I still find time to help out at the Arctic Corsair when they are stuck for volunteers.


Hull Museums


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Simon, Assistant Head of Service, Hull Museums
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18.03.2012, 22:53
The only thing to add is how very proud we are of our small but dedicated team here in Hull. They love their work and the public love them and it shows in the feedback we get.