Georgina Tomlinson, part of the front-of-house team at the Holburne Museum

The Holburne Museum, Bath

Georgina Tomlinson, 15.03.2012
Front-of-house staff at the Holburne Museum in Bath are the first port of call for any visitor; we welcome and introduce them to the museum.

Many visitors enter confused and unsure of where to go, and it is down to us to point them in the right direction.

Our front-of-house workforce consists of both paid and voluntary staff who work together to maintain the safety and enjoyment of every visitor.

The front desk connects the entire museum; we are in contact with our members of staff and are simply a radio away from our volunteer stewards. This enables us to always be on hand if any problems arise and to deal with these quickly and efficiently.

Visitors can purchase tickets for temporary exhibitions and guides to the museum from the front desk. Staff have a comprehensive understanding of our changing exhibitions and encourage visitors to view art forms that perhaps they would not have thought of before.

As a museum we are also known for our cultural events that run alongside our permanent and temporary collections. These tickets are purchased through our front-of-house staff, who deal with in-person and telephone orders.

Overall we strive to make the visitor experience our top priority and, through this increase our visitor intake, maintain our free admission.

Georgina Tomlinson is a volunteer at the Holburne Museum in Bath


The Holburne Museum