Baldomer Gili i Roig  La Sagrada Família Barcelona 1905

Museu dʼArt Jaume Morera, Spain

Esther Solé i Martí, 17.06.2013
Museu dʼArt Jaume Morera is a contemporary art museum in Lleida, Catalonia. Its collection of mostly Catalan and Spanish artists dates from the 19th to the late 20th century.

In February the museum welcomed me as probably the first female Wikipedian-in-residence in Europe.

During the year, I will lead the development of several projects aimed at facilitating access to the museum’s collection and to improve the available knowledge about it on Wikipedia.

We are currently at the final stage of the first project, which has consisted in crowdsourcing the documentation of Catalan painter Baldomer Gili i Roigʼs photograph collection, made up of more than 1,000 (mostly unidentified) glass plates.

The artist’s heirs were keen to make the collection publicly available, so all pictures were digitised and uploaded to Flickr. People were invited to participate by providing new information about any image (such as its location, the people or the event) or to share current pictures of the places that the Catalan artist portrayed a century ago.

The project is still in process, but the experience has been better than expected by providing excellent results in terms of participation and successful documentations.

Once the collectionʼs data is updated and reviewed, all pictures will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and used to illustrate Wikipedia articles.

Esther Solé i Martí is the Wikipedian-in-residence at Museu dʼArt Jaume Morera, Spain